Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Each piece of Blakeslee Pottery is hand-thrown on a potters wheel using stoneware clay. I use custom-made lead-free glazes and fire my pieces in a large gas-fired kiln behind my studio. The firing process can take up to 32 hours in order to reach just the right temperature that will result in a durable product.

These functional pieces are microwave safe, dishwasher safe and ovenproof for baking. No two pieces will be exactly alike but will have small variations in form and color making each piece a unique creation.

Below you will see photos of the two mug styles I typically make. Scroll down to see your options for glaze colors.

To place an order, send an email to blakesleepottery@gmail.com

Two Mug Styles:
Small mug  $18,   Large mug  $24

Glaze color options: 
Turquoise, Blue and Spody
Turquoise wax resist
Temple and Cobalt Blue
Cobalt wax resist
Stoney and Cobalt
Turquoise, Blue and Shaner Gold
Turquoise and Stoney
Shaner Gold and Stoney
Turquoise and Shaner Gold

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Salida, Colorado, United States
I have been a studio potter in Colorado since 1975, living in the Boulder area and then moving my family to Salida in the upper Arkansas River valley. Clay became my passion at Earlham College in Indiana where I took my first pottery classes. Appprenticing at Bethel Pike Pottery allowed me to experienced the lifestyle of a studio potter. In 1974 I completed a degree in Ceramic Art and Design at Alfred University in New York. My work is influenced by the traditions of a variety of cultures and by other clay artists. In the end I always strive for my own synthesis of form, function, and design. My shapes, glaze choices, and the use of high-fire clays result in a durable vessel that can be enjoyed for everyday use. My work is sold directly out of my studio in Salida, and I also take special orders for mugs, custom dinnerware sets and accessory pieces.